Author: Anthony Buccino
Location: Nutley, New Jersey

Anthony Buccino is a business news editor by day. He published a slim volume of poetry, Days You Knew Me, in 1976. Two poems, Hot Lunch and American Boy, were published in The Poem Factory - Poets of Autumn 2006, while the poem Do Not Think That I Have Forgotten Loneliness was published in their winter 2007 edition. Also published: three collections of essays about life and growing up in northern New Jersey, and two books about the men from Nutley and Belleville, N.J., who died while in service. For more information, visit

Old Man

How patient you were
as you watched me play
with my plastic men
on the carpet strewn
with dead soldiers,
scattered toy guns and tanks.
The explosion noises
I made with my child's mouth
were some ironic
twist to your fate,
for here you were spending
your lifetime to forget
what your son innocently
brings up again in your face.
After all this time I realize
I spent my time trying to be you.
And you, you spent your time
trying to forget
what you'd been through.
I'm sorry if I ever hurt you, Dad,
you know it wasn't like that.
I was just a blond-haired kid
doing what little boys do.

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