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Author: Anthony Cafiero
Location: Orlando, Florida

diamond icon Dr. Anthony Cafiero is a chiropractic physician with a practice in Orlando, Florida. Writing has been his avid passion since the age of seven when he scribbled his first tales of the Batman. Cafiero has written several children's stories, essays, poems, and newspaper commentaries, and is currently penning a futuristic geo-political novel. He loves his wife, his chihuahua, and his writing.

Never Imagined

I never imagined Id care about a turtle crossing the highway or a trapped dragonfly desperately seeking escape from an office building

I never imagined that at the age of ten Id attend the funeral of my two brothers killed by a drunk driver
Never imagined Id grow up so young

I never imagined that dogs ripping themselves to pieces in a ring could bring enjoyment to famous men
Never imagined what evil hid behind the glamour
Or why it was so hard to see in the first place

I never imagined that loving couples would be prevented from adopting needy children because of their sexuality
Never imagined Id care

I never imagined Id violently sob at the sight of a pelican gasping for air
Never imagined that it was actually me I cried for
as well as my oil-drenched friend

I never imagined Id view humanities progress as a slow march to extinction

Never imagined Id realize the worlds greatest evils stand cloaked in 3-piece suits of respectability

Or that historys greatest Devil Fires dont compare to the faceless snakes reposed in Chamber chairs and corporate thrones that slither endlessly through the veins of civilization to arrive at the heart of society where they smile beneficently and spread crumbs for the hungry before receding back to the shadow lands

Never imagined Id feel so sickened
Or that Id look heavenward with speechless tongue and cataract eyes

I never imagined that the sadness in my soul would bring me to my knees when all about me ran naked with joy

I never imagined that one of lifes horrors could be seeing terror in the eyes of elderly parents at the prospect of leaving their precious Down Syndrome child alone in a world of predators
Never imagined Id ever look beyond myself

I never imagined Id gaze into my puppy dogs eyes and realize that Id kill anyone who would harm such purity
Never imagined that violence was my silent companion

I never imagined that being divorced would slice off a piece of my heart
to lay hidden in a pile of innocence forever beyond my grasp

I never imagined that I would run out of time to correct my sins
Never imagined that the sand would run through my fingers before I could say I was sorry

I never imagined being strangled by the choking grip of loneliness while surrounded by family and friends

I never imagined in my final hour being lifted to gasp free air
Never imagined that the purity, love and innocence of my newborn child would or could banish all vice from my heart and trigger the soul wrenching agony that served as a conduit to God herself

I never imagined that it would take my entire life to learn what love really is by learning what it is not

I never imagined I would still be thinking past my time
Never imagined that where I sit is neither heaven nor hell

Or that such a place is too futile for human minds to try and comprehend

To those who hear me in their dreams I ask this

Why do you suppose you should love your enemy
Its easier to hate
Theyll receive what they deserve without your bad intentions, believe that

Imagine that loving them bestows grace upon you

I never imagined Id figure out that hate diminished me
Never imagined this fundamental would miss me while I was with you

I never imagined that the power of love was the power of love

To those who still hear me in their dreams I say this
Love me

I never imagined you would

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