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Winter 2008-2009 Edition
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Author: Bob Bradshaw
Location: California

diamond icon Bob is a programmer living in Redwood City, California. Recent work of his can be found at Eclectica, Pedestal Magazine, Mississippi Review, Lucid Rhythms and American Poets Abroad.

The Bully

"I'll whip you with one fist
behind my back," he shouted.

His mother worked the night shift.
Frank smelled like sour milk
as he leaned into my chest.
He was heavy, like the door
of a busted

Frank yelled, "You got the guts
to fight?
Or are you wearing a tampon?"
The other kids laughed.

He poked his finger
into my chest and held it
as if it were a dike
he was protecting.

Scared I walked away, and Frank
trailed after me.
"Can't fight, Bradshaw?
You on your period?"

I wasn't sure what a period was.
I blushed and when I glanced back
Frank was still there,
like a homeless kid on a curb

the rest of the world
with a destination
and him no where

to go

ISSN 1941-0441

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