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Author: Changming Yuan
Location: Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Changming Yuan grew up in a remote Chinese village and published several books before moving to Canada. Currently, Yuan teaches English in Vancouver. His poetry has appeared in CV2, dANDelion, Feathertale, FreeFall, Kritya(IN), the London Magazine(UK), Other Voice, Porcupine(US), Private(IT), Stylus(AU) and many others. Email:yuans@shaw.ca

Soliloquy of a Supersoldier

When two bullets meet square head on in the air
which is the successful one that hits the target?

I am terribly sorry, pal
But for the honourable face
       Of my beloved leader
As well as my great country
I would have shot you
With a new clear camera
       Rather than this old dirty gun
And done my humble part
       To help preserve your life
Like a rare animal
Facing extinction

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