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Author: DB Cox
Location: South Carolina

DB Cox is a blues musician/writer from South Carolina. His writing has appeared in Underground Voices, Thunder Sandwich, Dublin Quarterly, Aesthetica, Bonfire, Gator Springs Gazette, Heat City Review, Snow Monkey, Southern Hum, Southern Gothic and others. He has had three books of poetry published: Passing For Blue (published by Rank Stranger Press), Lowdown and Ordinary Sorrows (published by Pudding House Publications). Main Street Rag has just published his first full-length poetry collection, Empty Frames.

street soldiers

last night i saw you walk
out of the moon-driven dark
a gray beret, crazy bluebird tattoo
across your neck: Tu Do street, 1968

changed, but somehow still the same
you looked happy to be alive again
as if an angel had rolled back
the stone & pulled you out clean

seeing your face triggered
something i couldn't locate
like an address book with a missing page
names once vital, lost forever

but i'm still here covering your tracks
addicted to weakness
relaxed by the fact
of never having to be strong again

so i wasn't ashamed
when you walked by
pretending not to know me
i just re-aimed my dead eyes

to a place over your left shoulder
apologized & asked if you could buy
an old soldier of the street a bottle
to help cheat the cold

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