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Author: Deb Baker
Location: Americus, Georgia

Deb Baker is a writer, unschooling parent, and activist. Her poems and essays are forthcoming or have appeared in journals in the U.S. and Europe including Ruah, Envoi, bottle rockets, Thirsty Magazine, and Sojourners. She is also the author of http://poembound.wordpress.com and http://bookconscious.wordpress.com.

Children of the Spin

We listen to the world's troubles, or what we know of them,
spun by news journal bards, radio storytellers, tv talking heads.
Truth hides outside, under the shrubs, in the safety of the foggy night.
We are not sure what she looks like -- we've caught glimpses,
and we've heard that she is starlight gorgeous, lovelier than summer's
first tomatoes ripening slowly on the vine, stronger than the tide.
A few voices speak of her fire firsthand, and we listen hungrily,
longing to be burned ourselves. But she is resigned to approaching us
on the margins, blowing sparks, hoping some will fan into full flame,
crying softly as most flutter into ashes, Truth's grit, blown on the wind
of the world's spinning.

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