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Author: Deborah Rey
Location: France

diamond icon Deborah Rey (1938) was born in Amsterdam. From an early age she has worked in radio, television, publicity, and the theatre, as a broadcaster, entertainer, scriptwriter, translator, editor, and actress. Today, retired, she finally has the time to be a full-time writer and editor, and lives on the French Atlantic coast with her husband, two dogs, and five cats. Rey is recognized by the Dutch Foundation--1940-1945--as a participant in the Resistance during the German occupation of The Netherlands during World War II. Rachel Sarai's Vineyard is her first novel and, like most of her poetry and prose, deals with WWII, child abuse, and the truth about a person's roots.

Change of Address

(For the Deniers in this world)

If it is true that only
five hundred thousand
people died in the camps
and that the others,
the other Jews, that is,
moved away to Israel,
the States, or to the East,
I do not understand why
not even one of them
sent a change of address
to those they left behind;
the ones that still, even
today, weep over the
loss of them and the horror
they were subjected to
that – supposedly – is not true.
I wonder why, if she was one
of those who simply moved
to the East and did not die,
my Mother -- why my Mother
never even sent me a pretty
postcard from where she
is living now.

ISSN 1941-0441

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