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Author: Gary Lehmann
Location: Rochester, NY

Gary Lehmann teaches writing and poetry at the Rochester Institute of Technology. His essays, poetry and short stories are widely published -- about 60 pieces a year. He is the director of the Athenaeum Poetry group which recently published its second chapbook, Poetic Visions. He is also author of a book of poetry entitled Public Lives and Private Secrets [Foothills Press, 2005], and co-author and editor of a book of poetry entitled The Span I Will Cross. His poem “Reporting from Fallujah” was nominated for the 2006 Pushcart Prize. His short play, “My Health Care Worker Stole My Jewelry” was selected for professional production in January 2006 at Geva Theatre, Rochester, NY. Visit his website at www.garylehmann.blogspot.com.

Philosophically Unconvincing

The French Philosopher, called Voltaire,
was walking down a Parisian street in 1725 when
a gang of hired thugs attacked and beat him with cudgels
while the nobleman who paid them watched on.
Apparently, Voltaire wrote something he did not like.

Surprisingly, Voltaire did not think any better of the nobility
after cleaning dirty scuff marks out of his jacket!
Yet every day in every country in the world
someone tries beating the truth in or out of someone
…with equal success.

Poor Man! laments Candide.
Is this the best of all possible worlds?
Soon after this incident, Voltaire wrote,
People who believe in absurdities
will eventually commit atrocities.

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