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Author: Hanoch Guy
Location: Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

Hanoch Guy spent his childhood and youth in Israel surrounded by citrus orchards, olive groves, and wheat fields. He explored the deserts of Israel and Sinai and was inspired by their powerful landscapes. He is a bilingual poet in Hebrew and English, and an Emeritus professor at Temple University.

Hanoch's English poetry has been published in Genre, Poetry Newsletter, Tracks, The International Journal of Genocide Studies, and several times in Poetica, where he won an award. His poems have also been published in Poetry Motel, Visions International, and other magazines.

No War Zone

After Stafford

This hilltop in the Galilee
Never saw war. Never changed hands

Not a drop of blood spilled
No Canaanites, Roman, Ottoman, Israeli soldiers
Left their footprints or trash here
No hero proclaimed victory Not a mine left.
Not even a firstborn sacrificed to his god.

No survivor of the holocaust ever set foot on this spot.
No Palestinian village buried under this hill
No Sheik, Mulla, saint or famous rabbi is entombed here.
No ancient curses uttered
Maybe blessings

Noah's white beard sways in the wind
He Breathes mountain air
Waters the sunflowers
Fills the birdfeeder

Purple figs glistening in the morning sun.
Mount Hermon Snowy peak

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