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Author: Harry Youtt
Location: Hermosa Beach, California

diamond icon Harry Youtt is a frequently published poet and fiction writer. He has authored five collections of his poetry. For a lot of years he's been teaching writing classes and workshops in the UCLA Writers Program (Ext.). He also serves on the editorial board of the international Journal of Consciousness, Literature and the Arts.

Sweet Nectar of Insight

In that rapidly dying Age of theirs,
truth had a way of dripping down
onto those machines that sent the messages,
down beyond the frantic wiping rags
Manipulators used for blotting it out.

Seeping, drop by drop onto whirring motors—
and sizzling into vapor that floated out over oceans
and formed accumulating clouds over all the people
who weren't supposed to know it.

At the beginning it only appeared as haze,
almost a golden sort of fog,
that clouded the way things were supposed to be seen
and made what were supposed to be the fixed rules
appear to be unfathomable anymore

Nobody seemed to notice at first,
but then, one by one, beginning with little children,
they began to discover a very light varnishing
upon their minds. It was the Sweet Nectar of Insight,
condensed from that vapor of truth—

becoming fragrant, like blossoms of Jasmine or early Jacaranda,
forming on their tongues and their lips
and the tips of their keyboard fingers,
beginning to flow—out—over everything,
distilling inside the heat of their bodies
into wisdomy syrup.

The taste of it was good, although foreign at first,
and before they actually knew what was happening
that Sweet Nectar of Insight even began to clog the wheels
of the way things were supposed to be run.

Finally when one of the frightened ones tried to reach in
to switch off the switches and keep things
from seeping out, the switches didn't work.
That Sweet Nectar of Insight had flowed over circuits
and gotten them stuck. The truth couldn't be shut down.

In that rapidly dying age of theirs, that
Sweet Nectar of Insight came to nourish visions
of an Age that was to come.

ISSN 1941-0441

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