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Author: Jeff Calhoun
Location: Sterling Heights, Michigan

Jeff is an upperclassman at the University of Dayton. He is pursuing his goal of being a research biologist and writes poetry in his free time. He thinks that a good poem says something that has never been said before, or something old in a new way. And a good poem says it well. His writing credits include Lily, Poems Niederngasse, the Loch Raven Review, SOFTBLOW, decomp, the Dande Review, and Tilt.

A New Genocide For When The Others Get Old

A stone warhead peeks from beneath feathers.
A sparrow is toeing the curb, an arrow in its fold,
its steps a drunken samba of lost blood.
My audacity is like a driving rain
as I boast my prowess, the trueness of my bow.
My cardboard crown as king of monkeys is secure.
Lesser animals are products of development, their brains
instinctual, unlike the supercomputer in my skull
that calculates wind velocities on the fly,
using only the aesthetics of the breeze
to time my desecration of an avian
no one will notice or miss.

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