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Author: Joachim Frank
Location: Albany, New York

Joachim Frank, a German-born scientist and writer, has been living since 1975 in Albany, New York. He took writing classes with William Kennedy, Steven Millhauser, Eugene Garber, and Jayne Ann Philipps. Several of his short stories and prose poems were published in Lost and Found Times, The Agent, Inkblot, Heidelberg Review, Groundswell, Peer Glass, and Open Mic, all in print. Online, his poems have appeared in Offcourse, while several pieces of fiction were accepted by elimae, 3711 Atlantic, Cezanne's Carrot, and The Noneuclidean Cafe. He has also shown photography in regional exhibits. A portfolio of his photographs can be found at www.zonezero.com, Pedro Meyer's international photogallery.

How do I Feel?

Imagine one of those copters in the desert,
its blades sharp knives,
thin as razors,
extended beyond measure,
beyond all logic
(so rare these days),
extended, for thousands of miles,
rotating steadily,
slicing the air, buildings, trees,
slicing every living and nonliving substance they hit;
animals, plants, minerals.
Iím being chopped as I stand,
Iím being chopped as I lie awake in my bed,
Iím being chopped as I sit in my chair,
and the chair with me.
Aware of my fragile state, I move slowly,
allowing the cuts to heal,
afraid that when I shake,
or even shudder,
my body will disintegrate
into living samples,
CAT-scan illustrations,
discs with oval outlines of organs
and the precise circle of my spine;
finally, the slices of my head;
all substance created to feel, to coordinate,
to move, to love,
to tell the truth.

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