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Author: Joan Steffens
Location: Kemp, Texas

diamond icon Joan Steffens is 65 years old and lives in Kemp, Texas. She has been writing poetry, essays, and short stories most of her life, but has only recently started submitting her work for consideration.

The Day My Family Went To Prison

Justice was done--the newspapers said so, spilled
justice all over the front page, leaked justice into
people’s homes.

Justice led him from the courtroom in shackles,
the light dripping from his eyes--our son, brother,
husband, father.

Justice took him to prison, will haunt the corridors
by night, will do a head-count every morning, may
give him time off for good behavior.

Grief led us from the courtroom in shackles, tears
leaking from our eyes. Grief will haunt our halls
by night, will stalk our steps by day.

It will not matter that we make our beds neatly each
morning, sit down quietly to our meals. It will make
no difference if we visit the sick or clothe the poor.

Grief gives no time off for good behavior--there is
no justice here, behind these iron bars.

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