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Fall/Winter 07/08 Edition
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Author: Kenneth Pobo
Location: Media, Pennsylvania

Kenneth Pobo's collection of poems, Glass Garden, will be published by WordTech Press in 2008. His work can be read online at: ForPoetry, Three Candles, Adirondack Review, Words on Paper, 10X10X10, and elsewhere. His radio show, "Obscure Oldies," is aired every Saturday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. EST on WDNR.com.

Network War Coverage

When news personalities show up
at the bank to cash their paychecks,
tellers say, “Would you like that in blood
or bone?” Indignant as unfed venus flytraps,
they say, “We’d like it in American money.”

“We have no money, not for you,
we’re very sorry.”

Cameras off, they march out of the banks
weeping—news personalities can’t be
caught crying. Viewers want tough anchors.
After a good night’s rest, they stop
at the bank on the way to the studio.

“Blood,” one tells the teller.
“Bone,” says another.

They load their trunks with their earnings,
think about how to ask the boss
for a raise.

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