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Author: Marguerite Bouvard
Location: Massachusetts

Marguerite Guzman Bouvard is the author of five books of poetry and several nonfiction books on the subjects of human rights and grief. Her poems and articles have been widely anthologized. Her latest book is Prayers for Comfort in Difficult Times, Wind Publications. She has a forthcoming book from the University Press of New England, Healing: A Life with Chronic Illness. She is a Resident Scholar with the Women's Studies Program at Brandeis University.

The Shape of Light

       For Uwe Jonas

Today in the Church of the Ascension in Germany
over 60 years after the Final Solution

when all but a few pastors bowed
before the Third Reich

a young artist has plunged his hands
into the muck of history.

In the broad aisle between the rows of pews,
he has arranged mosaic chips

to form a Jewish star with one of its points
severed, the scattered pieces off

to one side, a wound we may choose
to honor now when we bow

before our God. The faithful walk carefully
around it as they come and go

before the altar. In that soaring space
with yawning windows

they must look down not up. In a world
that still keeps trying to tear us asunder

may we become mindful of our steps.
May we make our present time more bearable.

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