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Author: Michael Estabrook
Location: Acton, Massachusetts

From Michael: "I'm a Marketing Communications Manager for a tiny division of a gigantic company, and man, going into an office every day can be excruciating. I should’ve stayed on Northfield Avenue instead—where I belong—and learned to fix cars like my Daddy did."

Forgiving Us Still

In P-town sightseeing when
a bunch of motorcyclists
ride up quiet on their smoking
hogs. I stop window-shopping
to have a look, the butter
crunch ice cream dripping
down the sugar cone into
the palm of my hand.
Older motorcyclists:
cigarettes smoldering from dark
bearded faces, long gray hair,
protruding beer bellies, faded
tattoos. They have women
with them, hard looking women
in shiny black hip boots,
tangled blonde hair, peace
sign earrings and love beads too,
like in the 60s.
But nobody's worried
as they park their bikes
with a clatter and dismount
because the lettering on
their jackets reads:
And somehow we feel safe then,
certain, solemn, because
they're bigger than life, noble,
for they've been to hell and
returned to tell us about it
and live among us,
forgiving us still.

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