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Author: Paul Sohar
Location: Warren, New Jersey

Paul Sohar kept busy for years publishing seven volumes of translations from the Hungarian, but now he has a volume of his own poetry, �Homing Poems� (Iniquity Press), in addition to numerous magazine credits, such as Poem, Poesy, Rattle, Same, and others.

(To the Magyar Poet S'ndor Cso'ri)

        He's a living WWII memorial,
he cannot take a breath without
        choking on a cloud of cordite smoke,
he cannot take a step without
        falling in with a column of POW's,
he cannot look at the sky without
        seeing bombs raining down,

and yet he runs ahead of the twenty-
        first-century parade
trying to divert it back to
        quiet farms and busy workshops
and away from the already
        festooned WWIII memorial
waiting there among the ruins
        of a smoke-sketched future.

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