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Author: RL Greenfield
Location: Santa Monica, California

diamond icon RL Greenfield received a National Endowment of The Arts fellowship in literature in 1995 and that year created a television program in Santa Barbara, Californa, The Greenfield Code, dedicated to literature and contemporary themes. Greenfield produced and hosted 150 one-hour programs with writers & artists as guests -- many of them distinguished national and local poets. Seven of those programs featured in-depth analysis and filmed materials revealing unreported savagery taking place in Iraq in the nineties. Greenfield's poems and prose are in at least 60 literary reviews here and abroad.

To the Murdered Foal of the Masters of War

Children, I have no tears for you
No elegies roll down the pikes of my

spine to lament your lost nubility
in this arid republic of doom & dice

I have no memories of your mothers
& fathers locking their loins in ecstasy

for your beginning massacre:
You never lived in the land of the free

& the home of the braggarts: no,
you never walked the streets of Laredo

fully formed or ate & drank with Jesus
at the Continental Divide in Paris, France

nor did you squawk in the tree of
Christmas with the twin malefactors

Tweedle-dee & Tweedle-dum
You were born to live a five-minute

existence & then turn politely without
disgust into the circle of dust

that signed your name without
asking your permission: I stood

alone at the far edges of your funeral
& watched the crowd grimace &

squint into the blinding sunlight
& at dusk they waved their shining

bottles of champagne to heaven
all the while wearing tuxedos & white

gloves no doubt to commemorate
the crowning jewel of American finance

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