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Spring 2008 Edition
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Author: Robert K. Omura
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

diamond icon Robert K. Omura lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where he practices law. He is active in education, law reform, the environment, and the outdoors. His fiction and poetry have appeared in many literary magazines and e-zines worldwide. He is currently working on a novel.


I googled you:
slipped down like a hawk
through a pixelated sky.

you were there, somewhere

beyond the drip of Myanmar blood
the wounded Brazilian rain forests
the miasmic, cancerous ozone layer
the shattered Arctic ice pack
the tear-filled Iraqi night

there you were
I'm sure it was you I saw
I'm sure it was your kind smile --
your free form dancing in the square,
outstretched fingers
waved up at me.

I waved back.

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