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Author: Roger Singer
Location: Glenville, New York

Roger Singer's son is a captain in the Army, with one tour of duty completed in Iraq, and orders to return in September. This poem was written for several of his comrades who fell in silence at his side. Mr. Singer shares, "I served during Vietnam as a medic stateside, and history has repeated itself ... Once again I will feel the strain of a child in harm's way. Prayer is my only armor."

In That Moment

Missing voices,
Familiar faces,
Shadows on the wall,
Hidden from view,
No longer speaking.

In a moment,
Dreams vanish,
Breaking hearts,
Like crashing waves,
Then swept away.

Tears refrain,
From empty hearts,
Where emotions,
Founder in pain,
Reduced to dust.

Weightless prayers,
Fallen tears,
Minced oaths,
Failed promises,
Lost, in that moment.

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