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Author: Sandra Ervin Adams
Location: Jacksonville, N.C.

Sandra Ervin Adams' poetry has appeared in the anthology, Lessons from Our Children, by Joan Aho Ryan, Health Communications, Inc., 1999; The Magpie's Nest, 2005; The Lyricist, 2006; the anthology, In the Yard, Old Mountain Press, 2006. She won two Honorable Mentions in the Carteret Writers Contest 2006, for her poetry.

Dinner at 4 PM

She brings five children:
three daughters, one son,
and a baby girl
to eat an early meal
here at Cracker Barrel.
Their appetites won't wait
until 5. She guides
them through the menu,
helps them choose
something other than
macaroni and cheese,
adjusts one girl's hair band, pulls
long strands into place.
Unselfish woman,
among her children at a round table.
But where's her man?
Overseas, fighting a war,
real or imagined?

A hero, I will say
a prayer for her

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