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Fall 2009 Edition
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Author: Stephen Joseph
Location: Bangalore, India

diamond icon Stephen Joseph is a computer hardware engineer who lives in Bangalore, India, with his wife and two daughters. Stephen's poems and essays have been featured in New Plains Review, Inscribed, Perspectives Magazine, and A Golden Place. He has enjoyed much success in literary competitions: He placed 40th out of 17,056 entries in ten categories in the Writer's Digest 77th Annual Writing Competition in the Mainstream/Literary Short Story Category; he was a finalist twice, as well as a semi-finalist and honorable mention at; and he came in 5th in the Second Annual Amazing Story Fiction Contest, and 2nd in the Second Annual Nonfiction Contest at The Writer Helper. Most recently, Stephen placed 17th out of an expected 4,000+ entries in the 4th Annual Writer's Digest Poetry Awards, and was awarded honorable mention in The Smoking Poet's Second Annual Short Story Contest. He began writing in May 2008.

Never Again India, Never Again!

You sneaked in through our seas,
You fooled our naval authorities.
Never again India, never again!
You invaded places that we consider sacred,
You spewed your venom and your hatred.
You cut down innocent lives,
You made orphans out of wives.
You attacked our beloved Taj, a symbol of our pride,
And then like a coward, you barged into our houses to hide.
You targeted our guests who visited our State,
All in the name of your misguided brand of hate.
You threatened us and we cowered in fear,
You took away our sense of safety, that we hold most dear.
You tore apart communal harmony and caused a great divide,
You hurled grenades at brothers who stood side by side.
You mocked the teachings of the Great Soul's Ahimsa,
You gunned down little children as if it's a thamasha.
You shot us while we waited for trains and while we prayed,
Trampling our human rights during your sick tirade.
You descended into madness as you sliced off fingers and toes,
Ignoring our pleas for mercy and filling our lives with woes.
You made us cry
We'll never know why.
Never again! Never again!
Never again! Never again!
Jai Hind! Jai Hind!
Jai Hind! Jai Hind!

In memory of all who lost their lives during the Mumbai terror attacks in November 2008

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