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Author: Tony Reevy
Location: Durham, N.C.

Associate director for advancement of the Carolina Environmental Program at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Tony Reevy is a graduate of North Carolina State University, UNC-Chapel Hill and Miami University. His previous publications include poetry in Asheville Poetry Review, Bath Avenue Newsletter, Charlotte Poetry Review, Now & Then, Pembroke Magazine, The Poet's Page, Writer's Cramp and others, as well as non-fiction and short fiction. His poems are anthologized in 2000: Here's to Humanity, Earth and Soul: An Anthology of North Carolina Poetry; Poets for Peace: A Collection, and others. His books are Ghost Train!: American Railroad Ghost Legends, A Directory of North Carolina's Railroad Structures (with Art Peterson and Sonny Dowdy), Green Cove Stop, and Magdalena. He resides in Durham, North Carolina with wife, Caroline Weaver, and children Lindley and Ian.

A Trooper Revisits Chankpe-opi Wakpala

I tell myself I wasn't there;
we heard the cannons
from miles behind.

The people froze where
they fell--akimbo, askew.

When I rode by, I saw
my colors flash—white
and blue and red.

My colors, my flag
on a baby's cap; it
frozen to mother's
dead breast.

I wanted revenge,
blood--but then my
blood chilled with
the plains wind.

And now, through
the years since, I
cannot make myself

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