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Author: Wesley Teal
Location: Lawrence, Kansas

Wesley Teal is a poet and bus driver from Lawrence, Kansas. His work has been published or is forthcoming in the deep cleveland junkmail oracle, Get Underground, remark, Lyrics from the PIT, The Lawrencian, Pretty Things Press' anthology Velvet Heat, and Lara Cantone's book Urge from Smokestream Publishing.


In Memory of the Christmas Truce

On December 24th, 1914,
The men came out of the trenches,
Shook hands, played games, shared cigarettes.
That will never happen again.
Now we've got blood on the land,
Blood in our tapwater,
Blood in the sewage,
Running from out of our bowels.

On December 24th, 1914,
The men came out of the trenches.
It was nearly Christmas, a good day to be alive.
It hasn't been Christmas since.
They talked and forgot
Everything that they'd been told,
But now they tell us blood will heal us.
There's blood in my coffee;
It tastes bitter.

On December 26th, 1914,
The men loaded up their guns
Commencing to forget what they'd forgotten.
It hasn't been Christmas since.
There's blood running in the river.
There's blood pounding
To the pulse of my heart.
There's blood on the corpses
That're bein' shipped home.

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